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Toolmakers And Precision Engineers

We are the Custom Toolmaking Manufacturing Specialists based in Poole, Dorset. Components are produced to specification drawings.

We offer rapid prototyping for today’s fast-moving development.

Technologically advanced multi-task machining for both light metal and heavier work with manufacturing tolerances from 0.01 mm.


High Precision Machine Tooling Services You Need

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We are your answer for smart CNC machining, 4 axis CNC milling, CNC turning, drilling, tapping, toolmaking and jig boring.

Over the years we have also formed relationships with highly reputable companies that complement our services with precision grinding and wire spark erosion working with many materials, including poly crystalline diamond.

Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Thinking

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You can expect to receive a specialist service from DJ Mellor Toolmaking and Precision Engineering, a company dedicated to sourcing the most knowledgeable professionals from different generations of apprenticeship.

The combined experience, traditional and modern, of all the staff means that no job will be a problem. This is apparent from your first contact, to the delivery of your finished job, on time and to specification.

Your Choice for Engineering Accuracy and Quality

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Versatility is the secret to keeping ahead of the competition. We can manufacture your components, jigs, fixtures, tooling and gauges. And we work accurately with materials that require different tolerances, such as aluminium, titanium, tool steels, stainless steel, inconel and bronze.

The factory’s work range allows for impressive one-hit machining of complex work pieces, traditional manual methods used where appropriate and a diverse range of job specifications fulfilled to a high standard.

Our Quality Promise Makes us a Premier Contractor

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Our unblemished reputation is built on the high quality level we show our customers in all aspects of the job completion process. We have been awarded the International Certification Services Quality Assurance ISO 9001 2000 Approval.

The DJ Mellor Toolmaking and Precision Engineering team takes pride in its work and always produces unrivalled results.

Experience, Knowledge and Forward Thinking Equals Success

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MD David says “DJ Mellor Toolmaking and Precision Engineering formed and immediately filled a prominent gap in the industry. A versatile and reliable manufacturing contractor to out-source tooling and component machining work.

Providing a good price, fast turnaround and job knowledge normally only seen in the large engineering blue chip companies.”

Contact us on 01202 668424 or email us at DJ Mellor Toolmaking and Precision Engineering if you need to know more about our service throughout the UK. Our fax number is: 01202 661732